If you are considering selling your property in Portugal there are some key things to consider when choosing a reputable estate agent to represent you. Shrewd vendors should seek out an agency that has a complete knowledge of Portuguese property law and regulation: historical, current and proposed. When engaging the services of an experienced estate agent a good barometer of historical presence is it's License Number. With over 12,000 licenses already issued, it is reassuring to know that John Hammond's license Nº 340 demonstrates the fact that it is one of Portugal's longest established and most respected real estate agencies.

Established in 1972 and with offices located in prime Algarve locations, John Hammond Real Estate agency is somewhat unique in terms of the number of years it has provided real estate services in Portugal. Such longevity means that John Hammond has in depth knowledge of many of the region's property developments. Knowing when a property was built or refurbished is a guide to the regulations affecting it which can, in some instances, dictate the selling procedure.

Without doubt one of the most important factors for buyers of resale property in Portugal is unconditional access to planning and construction specifications. To satisfy this requirement our vendors are able to call upon the services of a tier of top Architects, Engineers and Project Management associates with whom we have worked for many years. Our relationships with the best of Algarve's estate agents have also been forged over time and because of this we believe our property gallery depicts the pinacle of Algarve real estate.