In order for our clients to feel relaxed when buying, we are able to guide and assist you with the process, relevant information and formalities involved.

The purchase of a property can be made either Onshore (Individual name) or Offshore (Owned by company shares). The process for such transactions are quite different and your lawyer will be able to do the due-diligence verifying the relevant documentation from the different entities such as Land Registry, County Council and Tax Department. In case of a company this will also need to be verified.

On completion and upon satisfaction of the searches, a commitment is made by exchange of “Promissory Contract” or “Purchase Agreement” where conditions, identification of property, vendor / purchaser and price, is agreed . At this point in order to secure the sale a 10% Deposit is usually placed and balance paid on completion date which will need to be stipulated in the Contract/ Agreement. Such a contract can be signed by yourself or a Power of Attorney is given to your lawyer who signs on your behalf.

Final Deeds – to be signed on agreed date at the Notary office and lawyer will register all at the Land Registry office.

Corporate Ownership – this transaction is also done on the agreed date but via lawyers transferring the shares under the jurisdiction of the company’s domicile.